Cut To Size

Plyco's cut-to-size service pairs extensive experience with premium machinery, enabling Plyco to meet a wide range of projects and customer requirements.

Beam Saw

  • Volume cutting of standard panels.

  • A high performance and technically advanced mechanical design, the beam saw operates at high speed to produce quality cut panels in large volumes.

  • Medium – large batches of Particle board, MDF and Hardwood plywoods.

  • Powerfully and accurately executes cuts for applications such as shelving, wall panelling & storage units.

Panel Saw

  • Used for cutting decorative veneered panels, laminated board, bamboo and softwood plywood orders.

  • Delivers reliable, precise and quality cutting of straight cut panels and mitred angle pieces.

CNC Router

  • Impressive tool with multiple applications.

  • Able to complete a multitude of different shapes, letters, angles and designs.

  • Send us your CAD drawing or speak with our team about your project design.

Edge Banding

  • Plyco's Edge Banding service includes precision melamine, PVC/ABS and veneer edging.


  • Please feel free to send us an email or fill in the online form to receive a quote!


  • Competitively priced delivery to Metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula.

  • Country and interstate deliveries can happily be arranged too!

  • For further information please contact us below.

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